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YOUR COMPLETE SATISFACTION IS ALWAYS 100% GUARANTEED! All of our repairs are made using the highest grade, autoclaveable, OEM quality components available in the industry. Our highspeed repairs and turbine replacements are made with the absolute highest quality bearings.  Also, most of our  Highspeed repairs are completed and shipped or hand delivered within 24 - 48 hours of receipt. .

Welcome To The Handpiece Doctor

The Handpiece Doctor’s main objectives are to serve the Dental community by offering exceptional handpiece repairs, with uncompromising quality, and the best value in the industry.  We repair almost any type of air-driven handpiece and will save you money by fixing your turbine when the bearings go out instead of you purchasing a new turbine each time. On high speeds we carefully remove the worn bearings and replace them with new bearings that meet all manufacturer specifications. We also replace all O rings and any other component too worn for proper performance. If your turbine is too worn to repair, we may recommend replacing it. We stock new turbines for all major brands The Handpiece Doctor completely sympathizes with and recognizes the importance of a Dental practice having smooth and optimum performing handpieces. We also understand that when your handpieces are inoperable, having them repaired and quickly returned to you is an absolute must!

We accept dental handpieces via mail from anywhere on the planet and provide pickup and delivery locally in New Jersey for: Andover, Newton, Sparta, Denville, Wantage, Sussex, Green, Lafayette, Lake Mohawk, Budd Lake for two or more handpieces.

Located at:

34 Kilroy Rd. Newton, NJ

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Customer Comments

My handpieces now run better and require less frequent repairs due to the quality service of “The Doctor”

Dr. W, NJ


The Handpiece Doctor is a cut above the competition and our number one choice for dental handpiece repair.

Dr. LM, NJ


Great service and turnaround time.

Dr. KR ,NY


Exceptional quality of repairs and excellent business partner for the last 5 years.

Dr. Woo- Connecticut


Excellent price and warranty

Dr. JH, FL